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Being successful online shouldn’t be a challenge. Whether you are looking for tools for your business or just want to read news your own way, YODA is sure to have something for you!

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Analytics shows you how your visitors navigate through your site to determine what they are most interested in and what needs more work to entice them to click through. It even gives you an average of how much time was spent on your site.


With YODA, website administrators, or marketing professionals, can go highly in-depth with the gathered information. This is great for determining whether or not you are engaging your preferred audience and their interests within your site. Whether you are looking to make the most impact on your marketing or just want to better serve the visitors to your website, YODA can help make analytics simple.

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If you are like us, you probably struggle to find tailored news that is important to you. In a world where Google, Facebook, and other media giants are force-feeding us content, the team at YODA knew there had to be a better way to be guided to the information that would make the most impact.


YODA uses an AI-based approach to news curation and is designed to adjust based on your browsing behaviors on the platform and any additional input provided. As an advanced news application, YODA can pull information from various sources, including Reddit, YouTube, or any RSS feed. That means you can get the stories and videos that mean the most to you in one convenient place instead of scouring the Internet yourself.

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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial technology that helps a company manage each of its relationships and interactions with customers. One of the most significant benefits of these systems is the ability to grow the business while also streamlining processes and improving profitability.


As a modern CRM solution, YODA can help organizations focus on their relationships with individual people throughout their entire lifecycle. This not only includes customers, but it can also organize a variety of other people, including suppliers, colleagues, or service users. By focusing on improved visibility with data that is easily accessible, companies that invest in YODA’s CRM solution can improve collaboration and increase productivity.

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