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The team at Your Online Digital Assistant is actively seeking participants interested in joining our early access program for Social YODA. Social YODA is an innovative AI-powered content marketing tool that was developed to support the needs of small business owners, independent agents, and aspiring social media influencers that are struggling to generate content.

With this software, anyone can create an entire month of social media posts or generate an SEO-ready blog with the click of a button. That means you will have more time to focus on growing your communities and reaching that coveted #1 spot in Google without the extensive time commitment or budget required to do it yourself or work with a marketing agency.

What is a Beta Program?

A beta program is a type of testing program used by software and hardware developers before a product is released to the general public. It is a way for developers to get feedback from real users about the product so they can make any necessary changes or adjustments to ensure the product is ready for public release. Beta programs are often used to test new features or products that are not yet completely ready for general release.

In a beta program, users have the opportunity to try out the product before it is available to the public. This allows them to provide feedback to the developers and help them identify any potential issues or problems with the product.At the end of the beta program, developers can make any necessary changes based on the feedback they receive from the testers. This allows them to ensure the product is as close to perfect as possible before it is released to the public. Beta programs are a great way for developers to gain valuable feedback from real users and ensure their product is ready for the public.

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