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Meet Senator Murphy!

Your Online
Digital Assistant!
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Transform the way you write your content.

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YODA Tools

A WordPress Plugin Designed to Make Your Life Easier.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Do the things you need to do better and faster than ever before.

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What can Senator Murphy Do?

Content Marketing

  • Blog/Article Generation
  • Web Page Content
  • Press Release Generation
  • Accurate Language Translations
  • Advanced Content Editing

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Post Generation
  • Social Post Scheduling
  • Social Article Generation
  • Social Image Generation
  • Hashtag and Emoji Injection

Email Marketing

  • Introduction Email Generation
  • Prospecting Email Generation
  • Review Request Email Generation
  • Automated Call-to-Action Generation

Search Engine Optimization

  • Monitoring & Automated Updates
  • Page Meta Title
  • Page Meta Description
  • Page Excerpt Generation

Image Creation / Editing (BETA)

  • Imagine being able to create any image simply by describing what you want and clicking enter.
  • Advanced Content Editing

Coming Soon!

  • Generate Search Engine Optimized Image Descriptions
  • Advanced Anti-Spam Logic for Spam Guard
  • Email Monitoring and Alerts

How do you pay for

There is no additional charge for individual services. You only pay for the credits you use; there are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments.


Credits are $1 per 1000; the # of Credits to perform a task varies based on the complexity of the request.




Your Online Digital Assistant!

Meet Senator Murphy, your ultimate online digital assistant.

Senator Murphy can take the tedious and time-consuming tasks off your plate, from creating social media posts to writing copy for an upcoming event to testing your website and its contact forms.

Senator Murphy can also actively monitor your website and make sure it's optimized for search engines.

No matter what you need help with - social activities, emails, or even the more technical aspects of SEO - Senator Murphy is here to help.

Get ready to say goodbye to stress and hello to success - Senator Murphy is here to be your YODA!

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